Be In A Good Mood

Fragrance is mysterious. Irresistible. Magical. It is a symbol of luxury and elegance and has fascinated humans for thousands of years. Nature’s beauty and diversity offer endless possibilities in every fruit and flower. At BE IN A GOOD MOOD, we search from the lowest tree branch to the highest mountain peak to find the purest fragrances on earth, then combine them into signature scents that have become synonymous with the good life.

Why is BE IN A GOOD MOOD different?

From the moment we began our work, we devoted ourselves to touching lives, rather than amassing profits. To create the finest fragrances available, we rely on costly – but worth it! –all our fragrances contain essential oils and ideal for long-lasting, beautiful personal or home use. It’s no surprise that some of the world’s finest spas and salons proudly offer BE IN A GOOD MOOD fragrances to their discerning clientele.


As a vegetarian brand, we believe in treating animals and their habitats with respect. We promote a cruelty-free ethos and continue to innovate ways of creating sustainable materials.

No animal testing!

We respect a very strict ethical charter. All our fragrances are vegan friendly, which means that no ingredient is tested on animals or comes from animal origins, including bees.

We stand by our ethics regarding animal testing. That’s why we have chosen not to sell our fragrances in China where government regulations require animal testing.